To unite different generations of immigrants through improved communication, understanding, validation and mutual respect within the family and the community.


To help multi-generational immigrant families and organizations gain access to education, trainings and cultural activities that contribute to their personal well-being, professional development, leadership skills and community impact.

Values in Action

Respect | Courage | Integrity | Passion & Enthusiasm | Learning | Leadership | Community | Dignity.



  • Offer a unique intergenerational immigrant work model.
  • Create a safe space to facilitate sharing of personal stories.
  • Identify and develop leadership abilities through participation in workshops and conferences.
  • Through the use of integrated theater techniques, participants will grow personally and professionally.
  • Use the “Los Hilos Que Tejen” book as a guide to enhance communication skills and to reaffirm leadership.
  • Create written and audiovisual materials to increase resources.
  • Network with organizations with a similar vision and mission.