My name is Vilma Lizeth Diéguez Santos and I am 56 years old. I was born in the country of eternal spring, Guatemala on March 25, 1964, a Holy Wednesday.

I am the daughter of Ricardo and Tita de Diéguez, the first of 5 siblings. I studied most of the time at the Central House and I graduated as a primary school teacher, what times were those when everything was an adventure and a beautiful awakening to life; I have witnessed great advances in humanity at all levels, but also tremendous challenges that marked the course of history. I will never forget that when I was just 5 years old, I saw what amazed the whole world, the trip to the moon and seeing Neil Armstrong walk on it, it was a party and a great honor. But what completely marked my life was becoming a mother, I married very young and had 3 beautiful and wonderful children who became the engine of my life.

A kidney disease had me on the brink of death on three occasions, it was very hard and sad to think that my children were going to be orphaned, since I was a single mother, her father had abandoned us when my last daughter was not even one year old. But God did great miracles in my life, he kept me and took care of me, and now I am telling my story. I came to the USA in 2009, with two suitcases, in which I could fit my life; I burned my boats and stayed in this country, to be able to reinvent myself and build a better present and future, my eldest son Marco Antonio was already here a few years ago, my middle daughter Lizzie, came a few months before me, my little daughter Monica I was studying in Guatemala, to later go to Argentina to study medicine; But those plans and dreams of being a doctor, a cancer took them away. Everything was going uphill, my two older children and I working here to survive and pay for my youngest daughter’s medical expenses; Divine mercy was always with us, and many people to whom I owe my gratitude forever, helped us get through all of this. Years go by and my three children and I are united working and fighting for a better future, and that better future has become my eternity, with two beautiful granddaughters, for the moment.

In October 2018 he started a coaching course, with the great teacher and coach Damián Goldvarg; It is at that moment that my life had a 180 degree turn, that course changed my life which made me see and remember many things that I had forgotten and neglected, of my dreams and desires; So that’s when I meet Generations in Action.

This intergenerational organization helped me reconnect with all that I had forgotten; It moved my foundations, it filled me with courage, courage and hope.

It is beautiful to see how family values ​​once again give meaning and direction to my existence, by inspiring me to help and be part of this organization, which today in my life makes a difference in me as in my family.

In this year 2020 I look for the light behind the chaos, asking God to keep us and protect u…And here I am! living one day at a time…Saying yes to life! Saying yes to love!