During my childhood years, I lived with my grandparents in Mexicali, Baja California North, Mexico. It’s a town where temperatures in the summer can rise to 115 degrees. Ice-cold beverages and fans are a must. One of my favorite summer memories is when my Tata (grandfather) or Agüe (grandmother) used to make Kool-Aid. We had tons of those flavored packages. My Tata used to asked me what would you like, fresa para Teresa (strawberry for Terry) or piña para la niña (pineapple for the little girl). He had a jingle for each one of the different flavors. I am pretty sure he probably got those from the ads on TV.

Once I had made a choice, he would mix it the Kool-Aid powder with water in the Kool-Aid pitcher. That unforgettable Kool-Aid pitcher is the only thing that I still have that connects me to my grandparents. Its display on my kitchen cabinet, in its own space, receiving all the glory it deserves. That pitcher is over 30 years old. In speaking with my mother, she told me that they also used to make Kool-Aid drink when they lived in Sonora, Mexico, so apparently it’s been a tradition in my family.

Every time I see the Kool-Aid pitcher, it takes me back to the hot summers in Mexicali. I am playing on the front porch and having a drink of Kool-Aid. I can almost hear my grandmother in the kitchen asking me if I am hungry. I can also smell the delicious food being cooked on the stove. My Tata is either outside enjoying a glass of Kool-Aid and watching me play. If it’s too hot, he is inside watching Las Aguilas (Club America), his favorite soccer team playing. I also hear the cars passing on the street. The unforgettable smell of wet dirt as someone close by is watering the plants.

Unfortunately, they are no longer here with us. However, their memories will remain with me until my last breath. I am grateful for their love, support and care. I just hope that they knew how much I loved them and cared for them. With that said, don’t wait to tell your loved ones how much they are appreciated and loved before they are no longer with us. Do you have an object that reminds you of your loved ones? For now, when I see the Kool-Aid pitcher in my kitchen, I am reminded of them and transported to my childhood. Life is perfect. I am happy.