Love is the Force that Transforms the Soul of the World

Sustain and maintain a relationship that is required of me: Communication, patience and faith, but above all love. Before I thought that life was leaving and turning around. But today through my own experiences I have acquired the wisdom and faith to visualize and work to create the best of my relationship. Taking responsibility for myself. In this present being an educator and coordinator of Generations in Action I can realize the important value that my mother represents that has been the source to reaffirm that there is nothing greater in the world than love. Because through his unconditional advice and support he gave me the precious gift of loving with freedom. Showing me that his love breaks all taboos.

Currently my partner and I live in a relationship where I can feel the warmth of a family from a home. Where together we share moments of joy, of hope with your family, my mother and my friends. Demonstrating to society that true love goes beyond any fear and prejudice.

And today, participating actively in Generations in Action, I realize that as a community we need each other to support and educate ourselves intergenerationally, breaking down barriers, doubts, fears and beliefs that society itself imposes on us.

As a son, human being, man, partner, friend, brother, educator etc. but above all with the strength to transform and leave my legacy of love, respect and understanding for new generations.