Loving And Enjoying My Grandchildren


I had always heard of many grandmothers who said how much love they felt for their grandchildren. Eight (8) years ago, my first grandson, Jose Rodrigo was born. Five years later, my second granddaughter, Ximena was born. I felt happy to be a grandmother, although not so lucky since the two grandchildren live in Guatemala. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to change diapers, teach them how to drink from a straw, or even make them not cereal when they started eating, but the love I feel for them is incredible. When I see their photos on FB or when they talk to me on the phone and when my son tells me what they are doing my heart expands from thinking that they are part of me. The distance and the love between grandparents and grandchildren are difficult although there are social media that give us the opportunity to see them grow. All of this depends on parents who want to cultivate that relationship between grandparents and grandchildren.


Twenty-three months ago, my third grandson, Benjamin was born, and he lives very close to me, and gives me the chance to enjoy such special moments, such as being present in childbirth when he was born and seeing him as he learns to turn in bed, crawl, walk, eat, and do mischief and many things that I did not experience with my other two grandchildren. I know that in the first year there are many changes and I know that God has given me the opportunity to see all that I could not see with my other grandchildren. The love for all grandchildren is the same no matter how far they are, my heart spreads with each of them. The only difference is that the one who is close, I can hug and kiss and that he knows me so that we have a closer relationship, but I think that wherever we are we should try to have a relationship with our grandchildren, they are the continuation of our life and seeing them grow makes me very happy and lucky because many grandparents never have the opportunity to meet and enjoy their grandchildren.