Mental Health Awareness Month is May, but we have the whole year to seek that help.

Even though the month of May is already over, it is important to mention that this month is the month of metal health awareness, in 2020 there were many changes in our lives, between staying at home, losing our jobs, learning to be teachers of our Children, having the fear of contracting the COVID 19 virus I think it affected us all in one way or another.

For me personally, it was a very difficult year, and at the same time one of many challenges, although I was very blessed to have a job and to be able to do it from home. The challenges started from the beginning, with so much uncertainty in my life and that of my family, having to learn the multiple communication platforms for my work, at the same time seeing my son who also had challenges in adapting to this new way from taking his classes by zoom and the impotence of not being able to help him because I was much more behind in learning these new forms of communication, sometimes I felt that it was too much I felt sad and at the same time frustrated when I saw the news and see that unknown people had COVID 19 and were dying. I felt anxiety, anguish, fear for myself and my loved ones of contracting the virus and not being in control. It was also very difficult to be locked up and isolated without being able to hug or be close to my loved ones, it was like a caged bird that in previous actions to fix my immigration status I had felt it.

As the months went by, I began to hear that it was not only distant people who had COVID19.

Now another concern began that dear people were hospitalized sick and with no way of seeing them, even in the confinement, although with the support of my husband and my children there was that emptiness, that fear and insecurity.

Personally, I like to plan to have everything ready and this time it was different, no plan I had made was going to change the course of what was happening

The most difficult day of my life was when I, my husband, son, my pregnant daughter were diagnosed that we were positive with Covid 19. My daughter was almost giving birth, my world went dark. Asking God for a miracle, I think that was the moment I have prayed the most in my life.

Fortunately I have a support group of friends who, although we were physically far away, are always very close to me. Being able to have someone who can listen to you when you need it is very important. Having someone you can trust without fear of judgment.

Seeking help from a mental health professional opened many opportunities for yourself, let’s not let the myths of the past about metal health prevent us from knowing ourselves and having a healthy and happy life.

Although May is “Mental Health Awareness” month, it is not only May that we need to go for help, but all year long.

I invite you to take personal care spaces and ask for help when we need it.