“From childhood, I felt respect towards nature and mother earth, as well as love towards medicinal plants. My grandmother was born in 1886. She took care of me since I was one and six months old. Growing up, I observed she had faith in plants, fruits, and vegetables. She was knowledgeable about the benefits each food provided and when I became ill, she immediately prepared a special tea for me to feel better. Growing up, I also observed that many people would resort to her for medicinal advice when they cared for an ill person. A woman, Doña Carmelina, asked my grandmother, “my daughter has ‘mal de orin’, what should I give her”? My grandmother replied to give her the extract of boiled corn fluff, two leaves of fig, chamomile flower, ginger, and a spoonful of honey. If the person did not have the ingredients, she recommended they boil mint with cinnamon and add honey and lemon. She knew well the relieving qualities of plants, vegetables, and fruits. I followed her legacy and have given my children and grandchildren those teas that cure ailments. I am very thankful that my grandmother instilled this respect and admiration for plants, fruits, and vegetables because each of those is a miracle of nature. She would say “Let’s care for the earth because if we do, she will give is health and life”. – Amanda Macal