Thinking about the Importance of Voting on November 3


“When I arrived in the United States I never imagined that I would stay here for so long, much less I thought that I would create my family in this country, however I have been here for 36 years in which almost half of this time I did not have the privilege to be able to vote.

If for all those people who can vote they are not all the people who have that privilege, it is for that reason that I thought it would be a good opportunity to write this note.

I arrived in this country I had many illusions and goals, as the years go by, we realize that although life in this country is hard, it is never as hard as it is in our countries, now after living here for so long I feel that this is my country. Although most of my family is in Guatemala and I love my country where I was born, here I feel safe.

Every election is important, many of us Latinos have the opportunity to vote in the elections to elect a new president to choose who will represent us in congress nationally, state representatives as well as local representatives, we also have to make a decision on the bills that are also on the ballot and that they will affect us directly, I think this is all very confusing and at the same time stressful.

I want to tell you that a few years ago I began to be interested in the politics of this country, because I know that everything that happens politically will directly affect our children, our grandchildren and even our great-grandchildren.”