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Sharing with the Silent Generation

  The Silent Generation were children of the Great Depression, whose parents, after reveling in the roaring 1920s, were now facing great financial hardship and struggling to provide for their families.

Uniting Minds and Hearts to Calm Concerns

  Group of practice and emotional support, uniting minds and hearts to calm anxieties and live more fully. Mindfulness meditation practices serve to learn to manage anxiety, stress and regulate our emotional balance. Appropriate for all levels.

Every Crisis – A New Opportunity

  Objective: How can we grow and restart again? In 2020, many businesses closed and this is not new for Chefs Jaime and Ramiro who are “The kings of authentic Mexican cuisine”.

Let’s Conversate with Generation Z

  Objective: – Know: What do they do? How do I identify them? What do you like? We will talk with 3 girls from three different countries (USA, Mexico and Guatemala)

Reborn with Janusz Mielnicki

  Discover and reaffirm the mission and legacy in your life.

Let’s Talk About Domestic Violence

  The objectives of the presentation are: 1.) Recognize the forms of domestic violence 2.) Prevention tools.

Anti-Racist Paths #3

  3rd Dialogue “Anti-Racist Paths” Generaciones en Acción, Guagua Foundation from Colombia and Community We invite you to a series of intercultural and multigenerational dialogues in Spanish. “My Family and My Community – Anti-Racist Paths” We will be on Facebook Live and live on the Zoom platform (Generaciones en Acción) Thursday, September 10, 2020.

Building Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

  (Spanish Event) Objectives: – Know the current context. – Get to know our toolbox. – Plan to build resilience.

The Best of Me, to Lead Myself Today

    Objectives: – Generating paradigm context – Victim / Protagonist – How to formulate possible objectives, sustainable over time – Tips or strong ideas for this decade 2020
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