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4th Intergenerational Seminar, East Los Angeles

On January 20 of this year, the seminar organized by Generaciones en Acción concluded with great success and satisfaction. Thank you very much for the shared learning! Thanks for the dedication. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life!

Bread with coffee

The series of conversations “Coffee with Bread” with Generations in Action of 2017 concludes. Through storytelling, 4 stories related to the book “Los Hilos Que Tejen” were shared and conversations were held with stories of immigrants. The participants were able to meet the protagonists of the book and relate to the strengths and resilience of...

Intergenerational Leadership Seminar

Learning Together! The 2nd seminar of the year 2017 “Intergenerational Leadership” concludes with great success. In the seminar, the oldest participant was 82 years old and the youngest 11 years old. This seminar controlled different generations to come together to build more prosperous relationships. Thank you to the facilitators and volunteers for your dedication, service,...

Leadership in Service

Integrating Our Values ​​into a Shared Vision Lic Fabián Sorrentino presented to the GeA Staff, a process that goes through 5 major stages in the performance of a Leader.

Honoring the Wisdom of the Years

Thanks to the panelists Mario Avila, Ofelia Esparza, Amanda Macal and Don Rodolfito Fernández. Also to the facilitators Carla Osorio and José Fuentes. Many thanks to the East Los Angeles Library for sharing their space with us to learn together to honor the wisdom of the years. We learned from our grandmothers, grandfathers, and “3rd...

Bohemian Night

Bohemian Night was a success! It was a beautiful night, watching everyone celebrate and come together. Thanks to the artists, volunteers and the entire GeA team. We are truly grateful for everyone who supports GeA. Tonight was a testament that we can have fun as different generations come together.

3rd Intergenerational Seminar

With great success concludes the 3rd Seminar of 2017: Intergenerational Communication of Generations in Action. Thank you so much UCLA Labor Center, a Victor Narro, a Diego Sepúlveda and a Fabian Sorrentino. To all the facilitators, the participants, the volunteers and the people who sent us good vibes! The oldest participant was 79 years old,...

Recognition for Women Writers

2017 the Year of Women Writers. Thank you for the recognition of the book Los Hilos Que Tejen in the Guatemalan week in Los Angeles CA. Thank you for the effort to publicize the great cultural wealth of Guatemala. 2017 is the year of the writers. Thank you for recognizing our book, Los Hilos Que...
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