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“The Gift” Learning to Receive, To Give

1st Meeting of the Year: Facilitated by Dr. Fabian Sorrentino, from the Argentine Republic. With the presence of a group of 4 generations of Latino immigrants and thanks to you, you gave yourself the opportunity to receive.

The Power of My Words and My Actions

14th Annual Conference of Community Promoters, Leaders and Workers Ontario Convention and Convention Center In a spirit of sharing, “Our Power, Our Voice” and “The Threads That Weave” present us in a community of immigrants living in many parts of the United States. The privilege of opening new doors, new perspectives and new paradigms of...

Women in Action Conference

At the 2016 Women in Action Conference Women in Action. Organized by the Pastoral Project and Dolores Mission. On Saturday June 25, 2016. 3 Generations presented the workshop “Our Power, Our Voice” Reaching more than 100 women led in Los Angeles CA. It all starts with us sharing our stories. Our legacy is for the...

Theatrical Methodology Skills

Patricia Veliz Macal gives us a series of excellent acting techniques to take into account when giving a conference. This activity was organized by ACLAT (Latin American Association of Speakers) on June 9, 2016. Our objective is: to contribute to the expansion of knowledge in various disciplines related to the acting environment. It is a...
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