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Vaccine Against COVID-19: Myths and Realiites

Learn about the vaccine against COVID-19: What is myth and what is correct.

Understanding the History of Gang Members

He is an internationally recognized peacemaker and co-founder of Homies Unidos in Los Angeles where he has developed and implemented innovative violence prevention and intervention programs since 1998 and has also lead the organization as Executive Director since 2006. An outspoken community leader, Alex’s commitment to disenfranchised youth and their families in the Latino and...

Good Love

“There is always time to have a happy past …” Being happy is an opportunity that we can find every day, every moment, not outside … very close to each one. Living in the here and now … being available to take what life brings us, without pretending too much of everything … because in...

In Connection

We invite you all to join this radio interview online from Australia. Wednesday, February 10, 2021 at 10:30 pm (Los Angeles time) Thursday, February 11, 2021 at 5:00 pm (Australian Time) Thanks to Silvia, Eliana and the “Sin Fronteras” program for this invitation to Generaciones en Acción.

The Path to Anti-Racism

Dialogue #4 on our path to be anti-racist in Latinx communities! We encourage everyone to set aside time to listen to it!

How Coronavirus Touched My Life?

Listening to the voices of 4 people who were infected with this virus. Why did it happen to me?

Generating New Worlds this 2021 with Lorena Retamal

Objectives: Be aware of the world we are generating They will acquire a new look to generate a new world Distinctions from: listening, conversations and relationships we have    

Close Cycles and Release to Start 2021 in Harmony

Generaciones en Acción invites you to join us with Yoga Larios for a meditation of gratitude and fulfillment to close cycles and start 2021 in harmony. We invite you to join us and have on hand: A candle and something to light it A glass of water Writing sheet and pen That you are dressed...
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