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Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

In this session we will talk about what is mindfulness meditation and self-compassion. Practicing mindfulness and self-compassion help us to cultivate being more loving with ourselves and to face the difficulties of life in a more bearable way. These practices even help us find a different relationship to these experiences that cause us so much...

Stress and Anxiety Management

Dr. Damián Goldvarg will share with the Generations in Action community skills so that it does not affect us in our daily lives.

Congrats Dad!

Generations in Action, celebrate a special day: “Father’s Day” And, therefore, we have invited powerful men to share their stories! Our panelists are parents who gave us a lot of inspiration and learning.

We Are Not Alone

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Several clinical studies indicate an increase in mental illnesses as a result of the changes that people’s lives have brought, such as isolation or constant fear of contagion.

Thank You Mom!

We honor all mothers in their day. That with their love they overcome all the obstacles that may arise in their life. Four mothers will be present as panelists to whom we can only say “Thank you Mom.” On the road of life there are different situations that have made us: grieving mothers, immigrant mothers,...

Tribute to the Graduates of 2020

The 2020 class graduated between pandemic and protests.Graduating is something students dream of even before starting high school, but by the class of 2020, many did not have an ordinary graduation.

The Value of Playing

Objectives: Participants will learn about the benefits of the game Participants will learn some game techniques Participants will receive resources and ideas to implement the game in their lives
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