We are super excited to introduce our first edition of 2017 “Towards a Unique Intergenerational Model”

Generacciones en Accion (Generations in Action) was founded in June 2016 with the following promise:

That multi-generations of immigrant families and organizations receive access to education, resources, workshops and culture and art activities to promote transformative leadership for their personal and professional gain and positive impact on the community.

Opening this agency has become an imperative need for us to be able to attend with new models the emergent needs of the immigrants in the United States. To continue learning as individuals, families, and community.

We want to thank the support, solidarity, and commitment of the writers, designers, and editors that made this publication possible.

This paper suggests new ways of approaching intergenerational learning.

Our Collaborators:

  • Carla Osorio Veliz, MSW
  • Amanda Macal
  • Mabel Rafael
  • Dr. Fabian Sorrentino
  • Dr. Steven Osuna

We hope this material is a useful tool to help you and future generations.